Best Sectional Snow Pushers & Plows in Conneaut, Ohio

If you’re searching for the best sectional snow pushers and plows in Conneaut, Ohio, turn to Same Day Salt. We are an authorized distributor of Arctic Sectional Sno-Pusher™ and Sectional Sno-Plow™ equipment. As the industry leader, and manufacturer of the best snow pusher and plows, that’s also a snow contractor, Arctic’s 40 years in business is a brand you can trust.

When you’re ready to take your snow contractor business to the next level, invest in the best snow removal machinery in the industry. That top-of-the-line equipment purchase will open more doors to more significant contracts. You’ll bring on more operators and building a solid business and reputation your customers will trust for many years.

6 Things You Should Consider Before Buying A New Snow Plow or Pusher

Purchasing a new snow pusher or plow is a big decision, and weighing your options is vital. The most important rule to remember when buying any snow and ice removal machinery; how long it will last. It’s designed to last ten years, but depending on use, it might be five. Here are six things to consider before you buy.

Regardless of use or application, you want commercial-grade equipment.

Match the machinery with the types of snow plowing jobs you’re doing.

It is crucial to know if the truck getting used can handle a large attachment.

Deciding what to buy, consider job sizes, number of accounts, and terrain.
In harsh weather, you want an easy connection attachment system.
Develop a long-term business relationship with your Arctic dealer.

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