Doubledown Salt Bucket

Arctic DoubleDown™ Salt Bucket

There is one tool every snow contractor needs in their arsenal that stops wasteful overlapping and salt dispersal—introducing the Arctic DoubleDown™ Salt Bucket. Your clients never wait, and your operators salt and plow nonstop during the winter. It’s a win-win for your clients, your operators, and your business.

The Ultimate Salt Spreader

Arctic Snow & Ice Products is one of the leading snow removal operations in the country.  As a result of their extensive field experience, they are able to bring sophisticated products to market that address challenges that many owners and operators face.  The Doubledown Salt Bucket is no exception.  Its low-level ejection ports and unobstructed operator visibility makes both day and night salting a breeze. 

Better Control
Have better control over your spreading parameters for distance, density, and direction.
Decrease Salt Usage
Eliminate wasteful salt overlapping & dispersal by optimizing your pattern and density.
Effective Daytime Salting
The Doubledown Salt Bucket has low to the ground ejection ports that reach under parked cars for more effective daytime salting.
Better Performance
Galvanized steel construction offers better performance, less corrosion and longer life expectancy of your equipment.
Unobstructed View
Unobstructed operator visibility assures safer operation and more effective results.
Easier Transitions
Our patented Slip Hitch universal coupler system will allow seamless transitioning between plowing and salting attachments.

Arctic DoubleDown™ Salt Bucket Features
Inside Cab Controls

Control the augers, spinners and work lights from the LCD control panel located inside the cab. Utilize the “Blast” feature to layer on extra salt on surfaces that need it.
Multi-X Quick Connect

Allows for quick change outs in cold weather conditions! Fussing around with wires and hoses is a thing of the past.
Dual Hydraulic-Powered Spinners

Independently controlled left and right spinners allow for up to 30 ft spread on either side. They are strategically positioned low enough to roll salt against curbs and under parked cars.
Dual Hydraulic Powered Augers

Independently controlled left and right augers allow the operator to determine the density of application in either direction.
LED Work & Safety Lights

LED work and safety lights help view spreading patterns in front and on the side during night applications.
Scoop N' Spread Design

No need for another piece of equipment to load the DoubleDown Salt Bucket™. Just tilt, scoop and spread.

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