Arctic Sectional Sno-Pusher

Arctic Sectional Sno-Pusher™

The Arctic Sectional Sno-Pusher raises the bar when it comes to high performance snow and ice removal.  No other plow or pusher comes close to offering the same level of efficiency and productivity.  The way it contours the surface grade, while clearing down to the pavement in a single pass sets a new industry standard that is unmatched by the competition. 


Staying Ahead of the Curve

The Artic Sectional Sno-Pusher™ cuts through ice and hard-packed snow once, and it’s done! With a cleaner scape, the slips and falls from the property or operator injury claims shrink. As for salt spreading, your product needs can drop almost 50%. That means less fuel and labor costs. With its forward-thinking design, only replace the section of the moldboard that’s damaged, not the entire plow. When it comes to Arctic’s snow and ice product benefits, nothing comes close.

Once & Done
No other product on the market will cut through hard-packed snow, leaving you with a clean scrape on the first pass.
Reduce Salt Usage
The steel cutting edges and sectional design clear down to the pavement, allowing you to reduce your salt usage by up to 50%.
Safer Work Conditions
With tripping capabilities and spring-loaded cutting edges you can minimize your risks associated operator injury claims.
Lower Insurance Risk
With independent sectioned moldboards you can avoid common collisions with obstacles hidden underneath the snow.
Improve Profit Margins
The savings just keep coming, from reduced fuel and salt usage to greater efficiencies in your workforce and productivity.
Minimize Costly Repairs
Arctic's forward thinking sectional moldboard design makes repairs easier and less costly.

Industry Leading Performance & Design

Individual Sectioned Moldboards

The individual sectioned moldboards, 30-inch or 32-inch, let you contour to the grade of any surface.
Spring-Loaded Trip Edges

Each individual moldboard section independently trips over unseen obstacles beneath the snow.
AR400 Steel Cutting Edges & Shoes

Cuts through compacted snow and ice to scrape down to the pavement.
Mechanical Side Panels

The mechanical side panels offer 9″ of lift to glide over and around obstacles. Offers 75% more clearance than competition.
Polyurethane Mounting Blocks

The mounting blocks protect the equipment and its operator by absorbing impact upon contact.
Patented Slip-Hitch

Contains Arctic’s patented floating Slip-Hitch™ design, which ensures easy attachment, premium traction and reduced drag.






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