Authorized Arctic Snow & Ice Products Distributor in Columbus, Ohio

Authorized Arctic Snow & Ice Products Distributor in Columbus, Ohio

Not every distributor of snow and ice removal equipment you meet is backed by the nation’s largest snow removal equipment manufacturer that’s also a snow contractor. As an authorized Arctic Snow and Ice Products distributor in Columbus, Ohio, Same Day Salt brings much to the table.

Along with offering Arctic’s Sectional Sno-Plow ™ and Sectional Sno-Pusher™, the industry’s top-rated equipment, to our clients, our team brings over 30 years of experience in the salt industry. That combination of hands-on experience and offering top-of-the-line Arctic snow plows and pushers when you’re ready to invest puts you in a position to grow your company.

How to Choose the Right Snow Plow or Pusher

If you’re a large snow plowing company or just starting in business, picking the right snow plow or pusher for your business is crucial. Whether it’s plowing at an industrial complex or municipality property, not all commercial grade snow plows are created equally. When you speak with our authorized Arctic dealer, here are a few things we’ll point out for you to consider.

It is extremely important to know what’s the snow plow’s material.

The plow must install and remove easily in poor weather conditions.

Night plowing and active snowfall visibility are limited; extra lighting boosts visibility.

Depending on what you plow, there are personal and commercial grade plows.

The plow you want cannot exceed a vehicle’s Front Gross Axle Weight Rating.

Factor in the maintenance costs of the snow plow or pusher you’re wanting.

Same Day Salt is Northeast Ohio’s premiere woman-owned bulk rock salt, bulk road salt, and deicer distributor. Our commitment to you is superior products and quality service that cater to your needs. For more information, contact Same Day Salt today!

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