Commercial Snow Plows & Pushers in Dayton, Ohio

Commercial Snow Plows & Pushers in Dayton, Ohio

When your snow contracting business starts taking on more prominent clients, covering more routes, and municipal properties, you need industrial equipment. For commercial snow plows and pushers in Dayton, Ohio, turn to Same Day Salt. As an authorized distributor of the Arctic Sectional Sno-Pusher™ and Sectional Sno-Plow™ commercial grade equipment, industrial plowing is a breeze.

Investing in top-of-the-line commercial equipment makes your plowing smoother and quicker while reducing bulk salt needs. Each operator can eliminate plowing an area twice, letting them move through the route more efficiently while staying safe. With Arctic’s plows and pushers, it feels like your team is taking shortcuts.

6 Tips for Maintaining Your Snow Plow or Pusher this Winter

The last thing you want is your plowing equipment going down in the middle of winter. The machinery must be well maintained season after season to avoid having your snow plow or pusher break down. When you follow a pre-season, in-season, and post-season maintenance schedule, your equipment is ready to plow at a moment’s notice. Here are six tips to keep you plowing this winter.

Thoroughly inspect every section of your plow before winter begins.
Ensure the edge can cut through snow and protect the moldboard.
Examine plow shoes, welds in the plow, cracks in the vehicle mounts, and lighting.
Look for corrosion and tighten all fasteners on the plow and vehicle mounts.
Inspect if the battery is working and electrical connections are clean and tight.
Flush and replace hydraulic fluid, check for hose leaks, rust, and damage on fittings.

Same Day Salt is Northeast Ohio’s premiere woman-owned bulk rock salt, bulk road salt, and deicer distributor. Our commitment to you is superior products and quality service that cater to your needs. For more information, contact Same Day Salt today!

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