Commercial Snow Plows & Pushers in West Virginia

Commercial Snow Plows & Pushers in West Virginia

As winter approaches, other trades shut down their equipment for the season. You, on the other hand, can use that opportunity to boost your snow contracting business with Arctic’s commercial snow plows and pushers in West Virginia. When you turn to Same Day Salt, the authorized distributor of Arctic Snow and Ice Products. Commercial snow plowing with our top-of-the-line equipment is quicker, smoother, and safer for your operators.

Heavy-duty snow plowing equipment is necessary when you want to plow municipalities, industrial facilities, and hospital properties. Arctic’s snow and ice removal equipment will carry the most snow the longest distance to run those routes quicker, rolling snow two or three times higher. Your operators will feel like they’re taking shortcuts because on the first pass, they cleared the ice and hard-packed snow like it was powder.

6 Snow Contractor Tips When Buying A New Snow Plow or Pusher

Professional snow contractors who’ve plowed snow and ice for years agree, buying a new snow plow or pusher is a big decision. You have multiple options to weigh, equipment needs, types of operators you want on your team, and what direction you plan to take your business. That’s why Same Day Salt, your authorized Arctic dealer, has six snow contractor tips to consider before you invest in snow and ice removal equipment.

Commercial-grade equipment is suitable for just about any snow route. Still, without a heavy-duty snow plow in your fleet, there are some projects you’ll have to pass on.
Some clients will require pushing snow in areas and terrain that require special equipment. So, you’ll need to consider which machinery matches the route’s needs.

It is crucial to know the truck’s Front Gross Axle Weight Rating to guarantee your new snow plow isn’t too heavy for the vehicle you want to use.
You need to assess the number of accounts you have, their route sizes, types of terrain, and future growth before deciding which equipment to purchase.

To help your operators connect and disconnect from the plow or pusher, it needs to have an easy connect/disconnect system, especially useful in harsh weather.

The most successful snow contractors build long-term business partnerships with dealers like Same Day Salt to get them through winter.

Same Day Salt is Northeast Ohio’s premiere woman-owned bulk rock salt, bulk road salt, and deicer distributor. Our commitment to you is superior products and quality service that cater to your needs. For more information, contact Same Day Salt today!

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